Async Tour

You can also have async steps in your tour. This is useful when you want to load some data from the server and then show the tour.

Asynchronous Tour

import { driver } from "driver.js";
import "driver.js/dist/driver.css";

const driverObj = driver({
  showProgress: true,
  steps: [
      popover: {
        title: 'First Step',
        description: 'This is the first step. Next element will be loaded dynamically.'
        // By passing onNextClick, you can override the default behavior of the next button.
        // This will prevent the driver from moving to the next step automatically.
        // You can then manually call driverObj.moveNext() to move to the next step.
        onNextClick: () => {
          // .. load element dynamically
          // .. and then call
      element: '.dynamic-el',
      popover: {
        title: 'Async Element',
        description: 'This element is loaded dynamically.'
      // onDeselected is called when the element is deselected.
      // Here we are simply removing the element from the DOM.
      onDeselected: () => {
        // .. remove element
    { popover: { title: 'Last Step', description: 'This is the last step.' } }


Note: By overriding onNextClick, and onPrevClick hooks you control the navigation of the driver. This means that user won’t be able to navigate using the buttons and you will have to either call driverObj.moveNext() or driverObj.movePrevious() to navigate to the next/previous step.

You can use this to implement custom logic for navigating between steps. This is also useful when you are dealing with dynamic content and want to highlight the next/previous element based on some logic.

onNextClick and onPrevClick hooks can be configured at driver level as well as step level. When configured at the driver level, you control the navigation for all the steps. When configured at the step level, you control the navigation for that particular step only.