Animated Tour

The following example shows how to create a simple tour with a few steps. Click the button below the code sample to see the tour in action.

Basic Animated Tour

import { driver } from "driver.js";
import "driver.js/dist/driver.css";

const driverObj = driver({
  showProgress: true,
  steps: [
    { element: '#tour-example', popover: { title: 'Animated Tour Example', description: 'Here is the code example showing animated tour. Let\'s walk you through it.', side: "left", align: 'start' }},
    { element: 'code .line:nth-child(1)', popover: { title: 'Import the Library', description: 'It works the same in vanilla JavaScript as well as frameworks.', side: "bottom", align: 'start' }},
    { element: 'code .line:nth-child(2)', popover: { title: 'Importing CSS', description: 'Import the CSS which gives you the default styling for popover and overlay.', side: "bottom", align: 'start' }},
    { element: 'code .line:nth-child(4) span:nth-child(7)', popover: { title: 'Create Driver', description: 'Simply call the driver function to create a driver.js instance', side: "left", align: 'start' }},
    { element: 'code .line:nth-child(18)', popover: { title: 'Start Tour', description: 'Call the drive method to start the tour and your tour will be started.', side: "top", align: 'start' }},
    { element: 'a[href="/docs/configuration"]', popover: { title: 'More Configuration', description: 'Look at this page for all the configuration options you can pass.', side: "right", align: 'start' }},
    { popover: { title: 'Happy Coding', description: 'And that is all, go ahead and start adding tours to your applications.' } }